Business Owners Seeking High-Converting Video Sales Letters:

If We Gave You The #1 Sales Letter In Your Industry, How Would That Change Your Business?

The beauty of direct marketing is that your entire business (and life) can radically change from a single “home run” marketing campaign. Our job is to create that for you…

Our “Enrich Marketing” Process was built on the idea that certain marketing promotions are extreme outliers in terms of performance.

This process has been refined over the last decade with one goal in mind: to create this type of “outlier” promotion with remarkable consistency.

If you want the surest shot at this type of winning promotion, you want to work with the best. When it comes to VSLs, our A-List copywriting team is the best.

Hundreds of Millions in Sales
Generated With Enrich Marketing

“There are a few A-list copywriters that write winner after winner yet they stay underground and out of the limelight – Fran is one of those guys. He is a mad scientist when it comes to testing VSLs and has written some major winners in multiple niches over the years.”

Justin Goff

Co-founder of Copy Accelerator

The 4-Step Enrich Marketing Formula
That Predictably Scales Your Offers To 8-Figures And Beyond…

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Step 1:

The Success Launchpad

Step 1:

The Success Launchpad

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Step 2:

The “Big Idea” Genesis

Step 3:

The Copy Crush


Step 3:

The Copy Crush


Step 4:

Sculpting The Masterpiece

Meet Our Enrich Marketing CEO

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Francisco Rengel

Francisco has the unique experience of taking offers from inception to 8-figures, having done it with his own offers 6 times. His winning promo ratio is over 71%. That means more than 7 out of 10 offers Fran personally writes are home runs.


After a decade in the direct response industry, Francisco has developed a proven lens into scaling home run video sales letters. He has successfully done it with his own offers time and time again. This gives him the ability to advise strategic partners on a deeper level, as a promotion scales on affiliates and cold traffic.


His systematic process dives deep into a product, market, and competition — helping develop the highest-converting “big idea” for your audience. Fran’s greatest passion is training and educating other copywriters to become elite.


Anthony Flores

16-Year Top Copywriter, Over $250 Million in Sales

Anthony began his career as a “copy savant” under legends like John Carlton — and rose to underground copywriter fame in the direct response industry when he was hired by Clayton Makepeace. He then wrote a highly acclaimed newsletter and course (literally in the first year of his career), which many still consider to be the best ever copywriting course ever created.


From that point, he went on to work in over a dozen different niches, including finance, health, dating, bizop, B2B, golf, biohacking, survival, and more. His copy — which includes sales pages, VSLs, emails, webinars, direct mail, and every direct response format — has directly generated over $250 million in sales. That number continues to grow each month. 


Like Fran, Anthony is passionate about helping guide marketers and writers through the process of thinking through the entire marketing process, including psychology, strategy and beyond.

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We only consider partners via referral or application and we strongly believe in the rule of F*CK YE$. This means, if both parties don’t strongly believe a partnership is an absolute, 100% YES across the board, then it’s not worth either of our time to work together.


An ideal strategic partner has the team and operational capacity to scale a home-run offer to 8-figures per year, and beyond. They are happy paying out a handsome profit share each month, knowing they are also profiting wildly from our collaboration.


Because of our unique prerequisites for partnership, we require a pre-screening and application process to fill out below.

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Good Fit For Your Business?

Please fill out the below questions to the best of your ability. Your answers will help us determine if you are a good fit to work with the Black Swan team. We have limited availability and we are only looking to work with strategic partners who are a great match.